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Maija Tammi

One of Them Is a Human


Series of four photographs

Year of acquisition: 2018

The photographs are portraits of androids – robots designed to resemble humans. The title suggests that one out of the four portraits is possibly human, while the others are artificial beings. The artist Maija Tammi does not reveal which of the four might be human.

The portraits were shot in Japan. The androids were built under the supervision of Osaka University’s professor of robotics Hiroshi Ishiguro, who aims to build the world’s most life-like android.

One of the photographs in the series won two awards in an international portrait competition, spurring debate as to whether a picture of an android is really a portrait. The artist invites us to contemplate what humanity fundamentally means. Is it tied up with appearances, behaviour, or the ability to express empathy?

Maija Tammi

1985, Finland. Lives in Helsinki.

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen

Where can I find this work?

3rd floor

Where can I find this work?