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Kalle Hamm, Dzamil Kamanger & Lauri Ainala

Immigrant Garden


Paintings, book, plants

Year of acquisition: 2015 (Collections & Courtesy of the Artist)

This work consists of four parts: a collection of plant illustrations, a map, a book, and audio works. The watercolour studies portray various ornamental and edible plants that are commonly found in Finland, but which are all originally non-native.

The map depicts the routes of the plants to Finland. The spread of plants from continent to continent has been influenced by historical events such as exploration and conquests, as well as trade and the quest for profit. You can read more about the background of each plant from the accompanying book.

Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger are long-term collaborators who explore themes such as cross-cultural contacts and the global movements of plants and people.

The work also includes a series of audio works by Hamm and musician Lauri Ainala.

From June to October the museum’s balcony will have a garden of immigrant plants.

Audio version

Overall duration: 1 h 6 min 59 s

Cucumber 2:29
Chrysanthemum 2:11
Rhubarb 3:25
The castor bean plant 1:55
Hosta 2:56
Bleeding heart 1:33
Opium poppy 2:42
Wheat 2:40
Scarlet lychnis 2:39
Baby’s breath 2:52
Onion 0:45
Persian yellow rose 2:10
Basil 4:13
Potato 3:04
Dahlia 5:53
Sunflower 3:50
Petunia 2:05
Nasturtium 2:57
Capsicum 2:54
Tomato 1:15
Gladiolus 1:56
Garden mignonette 3:02
Busy Lizzie 2:09
Lobelia 3:26
Geranium 2:18

Kalle Hamm ja Dzamil Kamanger

1969, Finland & 1948, Iran. Both artists live in Helsinki.

Lauri Ainala

1982, Suomi. Ainala lives in Savonlinna.

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen

Where can I find this work?

3rd floor

Where can I find this work?