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Anna Reivilä

From the series Bond

2016 - 2017

Bond #35 (2017)
Bond #23 (2017)
Bond #17 (2016)
Bond #33 (2017)

Pigment prints

The black-and-white photographs by Anna Reivilä are dominated by boulders and ice blocks tied with ropes. The works are a reference to the Japanese bondage tradition, kinbaku-bi. According to the artist, in Japanese religious ceremonies, ropes and ties symbolise the connections among people and the divine, as a means to identify sacred space and time. In her works, Reivilä wants to explore the relationship between people and nature.

Reivilä regards the lines formed by the ropes as her way of drawing: “These three-dimensional drawings are physically unstable – they exist only for the moment. By recording the process the photograph becomes part of the piece.”

These works, photographed on the Baltic Sea shore of Finland, also take part in the land art tradition. In the 1960s, a group of principally American artists began to create artworks directly in nature as a critique against the commercialisation of the art world.

Anna Reivilä

Born 1988 in Finland. Lives in Porvoo.

Anna Reivilä belongs to the Helsinki School of photographers. Founded at the School of Art and Design (now Aalto University) in the 1990s, the Helsinki School group promotes art photographers internationally. With her series Bond, Reivilä makes references to Japanese bondage tradition and to the erotic works by the artist Nobuyoshi Araki, which feature women in bondage.

Photos: Detail of the work Bond #23 (2017).

Where can I find this work?

3rd floor

Where can I find this work?